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Thread: Microphonic Pickups

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    Microphonic Pickups

    General tech info/advice/life experience requested.

    Picked up a vintage (non-PRS) guitar (35 y.o.) which, like many older guitars, is prone to the pickups going microphonic. I didn't notice any issue with this guitar until I went looking for it, and upon re-stringing, the string-less guitar does indeed amplify taps to the body and pickups a bit. I did not experience any squealing / howling on the burn channel of my Boogie @ 7 and the volume at what I would consider "way too loud for basement dwellers." The guitar sounds and plays fantastic, definitely my favorite non-PRS guitar ever to-date already.

    I must add the caveat that these particular pickups are epoxy-sealed, and from what I have read, not able to be wax potted at home, and possibly not be repaired by professionals.

    So, after the above setup, the question is, how serious an issue are microphonic pickups? Is it something that will just worsen over time, inevitably making the guitar unplayable? Do any of you have vintage guitars that exhibit degrees of microphoning? How do you deal with it? Are there ways to freeze / reverse the symptoms?
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    The only way to cure it is a complete re-pot.

    I wouldn't worry about it - play it as it is, and only worry about it if a\nd when it becomes a serious issue.

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    I have a nice old Hollowbody gtr.. the pickups are also microphonic. I can pot them but I have not had any issues playing live yet.. if I do, I will have them potted.. But I would leave them alone if they are not causing you any issues when you are playing...
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