Hey Guys! Need more advice on a DGT. Now, keep in mind as you read this I am on a budget of $1500. Ok? So I am craving a DGT, never played one but from reading reviews, watching videos and being on here, I think it would be a great guitar for me. But remember, I am on a budget of $1500. So I find a used one at a store 3 hours from me, beautiful top but a ton of rash on the back.. Not really rash..here is a link...


I was told by the guy at the store, that the original owner set it on his leg and it just kinda rubbed the finish off. He said the top is near perfect and there is no buckle rash, just the wear on the lower edge of the back. Obviously it is not minor, but the rest of the guitar looks great. Typically I would think it was abused, but like I said, the rest of the guitar is super nice.. I think the guy just for some reason only could play sitting down.

So here is my question..how much will this hurt it's value. I kinda think if this guitar did not have that rash it would be marked at about $2300??? I do a lot of trading, do you guys think I will lose my butt if I were to say take it to Guitar Center and trade it. And keep in mind, I am spending $1500 after tax on it so I'm really buying it for like $1400ish. To me I think it's a steal. I can't imagine not getting $1000-$1200 if I were to sell it. The reason I'm freakin a bit, I showed my wife and she acted like I was showing here a first act guitar on walmarts website. She kinda thinks its a bad buy for $1500 and can't believe I'd want to spend so much on a guitar that has so much wear. So who's right? Is it a steal? Or a good buy? And keep in mind I'm not buying it if I don't fall in love with the feel and sound of the guitar.