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Thread: Bashing Other Forums...

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    Bashing Other Forums...

    We don't do it. It's classless.

    Bashing other forums (especially when your beef is with one or two people) fails to respect ALL of the individuals that comprise the community being bashed. There is no integrity to be had in that game. Leave the Nerd Wars for those who should be spending their time finding a girlfriend or playing their guitar (assuming they even play guitar). Besides, we're not competing with anyone - even those who feel compelled to bash us. It's a big internet, folks. Go wherever you like. Be happy! Really.

    If you see someone bashing our community, just take the high road. Defending this community (and it's members) gives haters the impression that we need to be defended. We don't. Conversely, if you see someone in our community bashing another forum, please urge them to reconsider.

    And, as always, thank you for being here!
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    To reiterate..this forum seems to have more class and intellect than some.... Some sites need drama to sustain them (FB) etc.

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