I just got my 2 channel H combo amp this week after a long wait. I was disappointed in that there are a lot of strange noises eminating from both channels. I traced a bad reverb tube but the microphonics present when even tapping the top of the amp are really bad. Has anyone else experienced this? The shipper (Fedex) trashed the first one they sent me and this one took a beating too but I did make sure all the tubes were seated well.

I can tap on the top and it was like a select switch for noise. It almost sounds like a radio coming through at times (it's definitely not) or just weirg fizzy crackling noises. The clean channel seems worse. There is also a feedback (high pitch) noise and it sounds exactly like it but my guitar is off. It comes and goes, on it's own or when tapping the top.

I hope it is a quick fix. I spoke to someone at PRS and they are sending a couple of preamp tubes but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has a suggestion. Also how quiet are your amps?

This is a return for me to amp distorion from class a with stomp box, which is dead quiet.