Hey guys my name is Abe and I'm new to the PRS forum. I recently purchased a PRS SE 245 guitar and loved it so much, I decided to take the plunge and buy the new Tremonti SE Custom. I was originally going to order the guitar through Sweetwater as they have great service. But I decided to call FRET12- Mark Tremonti's company after seeing their FB post. When I spoke with Tim, I asked him why order through FRET12 and not elsewhere and he assured me I would receive great customer service and he was right. They threw in a free copy of Mark's instructional DVD "The Sound and The Story" as well as other extras which was really nice of them. Normally, when you purchase a guitar through FRET12, you receive an autograph from Mark himself for no charge. It just so happened Tim was visiting Mark this weekend, and he offered to get my guitar personally autographed for me. I understand that I may have been lucky with the timing, but I was surprised they would go that length to make a PRS and Tremonti fan happy. Being a loyal Tremonti fan as many of you are, I was really impressed with the level of customer service this company offers. It is not very often that a simple guitar purchase leaves such a good impression. Needless to say I will do repeat business with FRET12, but I thought fellow PRS enthusiasts should know this story. If you are in the market for a PRS guitar, check them out! I will recommened these guys to anyone after my experience.