Well, was playing guitar this morning on the couch in brighter light in my living room when I noticed the frets on my Tremonti are destroyed....its playable but there are lines down some of the frets and when Len Johnson did a setup a few months ago he said I was going to need a new nut soon, my Tremonti is just about to turn 3...I guess I play pretty hard so in my email to PTC I asked about switching to DGT frets. Maybe Shawn or someone could chime in here for me ! I also had a few opportunities to meet Mark Tremonti and he signed the back of the headstock so I want them to clear coat that. I'm so nervous about shipping my grail...not worried about PTC or anything just the shipping, should I get the shipping package that PRS offers? looks like a good way to go about all this. Thanks in advance for any info!!