Right. I've been trawling though the internet looking for answers to this question and the answer that seems to always pop up (understandably) is that it always depends on your gear and the sound you want, so I figured the easiest thing to do would be to join the forum and describe exactly what I have and exactly the sound I'm going for.

So, my rig:
PRS Mira (One of many guitars, but the only one I want to upgrade as it's my main one)
Marshall JCM 900 4100 100 Watt head - Retolexed by myself in white, along with the cab
Marshall JCM 900 1960b 4x12 Cab
A pedalboard full of pedals (I'm a bit of a gear junkie)

The sound I'm going for is probably best described as Pop Punk, similar to bands such as All Time Low, Blink 182, You Me At Six, Paramore, just to name a few (don't judge me :P). I think mainly All Time Low, seeing as the lead singer actually has about 5 custom PRS Miras, but I've no idea what pickups he uses. Pretty sure they're not standard though. To my ears it sounds a bit too "classic" playing my Mira through the gain channel of the JCM, and I'm looking for, I guess a more modern tone. I play this style of music as the lead guitarist of a band, and not that I'm trying to plug us or anything but I'll include a link to our SoundCloud page below if you want to hear the actual songs I'll be playing. All of the songs on there were recorded using the on board effects on my Boss BR600 recorder, so not ideal...We're hitting the studio soon to record our debut EP soon though, so getting the tone right is obviously important.

It's the bridge pickup on the Mira that I'll be changing first, and I've narrowed the choices down to the Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB, SH-6 Distortion and the SH-8 Invader. Basically I just need some advise on which one will be best for the sound I want. I've read that the wood type is important as well so I should probably say that the body is Mahogany as is the neck, and the fingerboard is Rosewood. Just to be extra thorough and in case any other info is needed on the guitar, this is my actual guitar that I bought from this website:

I've found a video on youtube comparing the JB and the Distortion, and to me it sounds like the JB is a more bassy, powerful sounding pickup, and the Distortion is a more high gain, metal suited pickup, possibly lacking a bit of bass. The only demos of the Invader I've found are all playing metal, so no help to me really as I'm not really into metal and won't be playing anything that heavy. However, I've been told that Tom Delonge from Blink 182 uses (or used to use) an Invader, so who knows. Obviously I understand that they're just videos and they probably sound completely different in person, but I've never (knowingly) heard these pickups in person, so advice from people who have owned and played them would be great!

If there's any required information needed that I've missed out then just let me know!