I'm not sure where to start! I got a SAS on Wednesday from a GC in Halandale and did not like it. See this thread.....lol


Then found a used DGT at Killer Vintage in St Louis so I posted a thread with questions about DGT's. Basically its a 3 hours drive from my house and wanted to make sure I would like it or at least feel good about the odds. You could imagine how nervous I was when my wife gets home from a week long business trip and I say "Hi, lets spend tomorrow in a car!" lol.. Anyway, the guitar has considerable wear so I was concerned about the value, I tend to have bad GAS! So I posted another thread seeing what you guys thought of the guitar and if it was worth the money. Little did I know that a few people would see that post and call the store and try to buy it before I could get there! Thanks guys!!lol The guys in the store were a little puzzled as to why they had a 1/2 dozen calls about the guitar on it the first hour they were open until I explained to them that I had posted it on here! But I had made a deal with the store that if I was going to drive 3 hours they would pull it from the wall until I got there. So ha ha on you!lol

Anyway, onto the important stuff! It's amazing, it has considerable wear but was not abused. The guy that originally had owned it was a jazz musician in St Louis who had played 4 nights a week and held the guitar real high. Not sure how it rubbed him to wear it down like it did, but because he had played it so much, it feels like it is 25 years old. So worn in! A tiny bit of fret wear, but not an amount that is causing any issues or concern. The flame on the top is really nice but not a 10 top, but what's really cool is if you run your fingers across the top, you can feel the flames. I know these (the 2008 models) have a different finish but I've never felt flames before! Besides the way it looks, plays amazing, love the neck and it sounds incredible. I want more DGT's!!

So, I did not mean to write a book here but I do have one question for the DGT owners out there..the wiring. The front pickup is set up as a single coil, and then when you "tap" it (pull up the tone control) it goes to humbucker mode. Is this the way it's suppose to be? I was thinking since the tone knob is not original that maybe the tone control/coil tap was replaced, the original knob lost, and wired wrong. I actually kinda like it this way! And now to the important stuff..the pics!