Stopped by my PRS dealer today, and looked at a tremolo 408 standard.
Pretty sure before long I will be picking one up soon sans tremolo.

Question, I know the non maple cap one would be like my Gibson SG, all mahogany top, and the maple top 408 are like my SEs with their maple caps on them.
Is there going to be any big difference in sound between the two, or is it mainly cosmetics?

I wish the antique natural color was up on the MT page.
Anyone have an example of it elsewhere?

Now for the standard mahogany one, they have a nice natural color.

I like that.
Now when you get the natural sides, back, and neck, is it a lighter color, or is it going to be the exact same natural as the picture above shows for the front?

Other than deciding between the standard and the MT, I would be going with the pattern thin neck and a stoptail piece.
I take it these come with 10s, so I would have to have the dealer readjust it for 9s, as I run 9s on all of my other guitars.