I am looking at getting a SE custom 24. Though I am not a fan so much of trems mainly the putting on new strings. I also have an ibanez with the original edge. So I thought it would be a good excuse to geg a tremol no.

But the original edge calls for a small and the prs trem calls for a large. Not really surr the difference between the two. I am guessing it has to do with spring spacing or the distance between the block and claw. I would really like it to be able to pull double duty. That way if I happen to like one trem over the othet I could just make the one I don't like a hardtail.

There is also a pin type. Again I am not sure how that works or ho large the holes are on a guitar I have not ordered yet.

Thanks for any info you can give me. As a side note I would try blocking it but I have no wood working tools to cut it precisely.