OK, this still freaks me out a little.

At our last gig on Saturday, we were back at a bar that we've played before. Small place, friendly, intimate setting, up close and personal with the crowd...almost like playing int your living room! It was a wailing monsoon outside - raining buckets - so the crowd was virtually nonexistent at first, except a guy in his mid 60s sitting on my side about 10' away from the stage, sipping a mixed drink. He had that 'critique' look about him, so during setup I thought I'd try to chat him up and see what he was about. Instantly, he basically states that he'll let me know how good we are immediately. Oh, goodie. *eye-roll*

After song #2, he points at me and with a huge grin starts giving me the thumbs up and saying something I couldn't hear (I'm freakin deaf, too). Thinking that we had won him over, I walk over to his table at the break and he proceeds to slather me with an uncomfortable level of praise. Specifically about me. I thank him and dismiss the inflated opinions and start to leave...then he tells me to sit down. Next, he proceeds to give me the most unflattering and honest review of each of the other band members. And by 'unflattering' I mean insulting. Without going into unnecessary detail, I got stuck with this guy showering me in compliments and slinging poo at our vocalist, mostly. Trying to be professional and not be disrespectful, I pandered to his comments to a point, then I simply refused to sit with him again. He bought the whole band a couple of rounds of drinks, which he thought entitled him to his opinions. He wasn't combative or violent, but he was brutally honest and not shy about it. And as he got more drunk, he repeated everything several times, louder.

Have you guys ever had anything like this happen? I know I should be flattered that he enjoyed my performance, but he also accused me of being "too loyal" in defending the rest of my band. This guy was an old Simon Cowell.