So a little while ago I turned my dad onto one of these, he's always been a Tele Thinline player but his was getting worn out and was in the market for something new.

He got one and since then he's been very happy with his purchase. I didn't get much time with it, just set the relief, quick stretch of the strings and tune, quick plug in and play, box it back up for him.

Well, he came down on the weekend, and had to leave his guitar at my place, I took it to rehearsal on Monday so see how it sounds in a band situation and I was very, very impressed.

It plays extremely well, it's light, it cut through the mix with a woodiness and bite my other guitars haven't got. Backing of the volume on with pickups selected yielded a great rhythm/strumming tone. Intonation is spot on, and I was particularly impressed with the dynamics on the upper register of the neck. You know when you play some guitars "up high", and you just lose a bit of edge, a bit of volume, and makes you reluctant to go there? This guitar had no problems like that, and encouraged you to do things outside of your comfort zone.

It's actually only the 2nd SE I've played, and wow are these things GREAT value for money!

Now I want one, and very keen to see what a set of 53/10s would sound like in there. I happen to have a set lying around (no, not THOSE ones, these have coil taps... )

Anyone else had some good experiences with this guitar?