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Thread: NGD: PRS Tremonti Custom

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    NGD: PRS Tremonti Custom

    Hey all,


    I love my PRS Custom 24 (2012 model, coil splits, woo!) and was GASsing for another PRS. So I went to try out a few!

    PRS Torero: Gorgeous both in terms of looks and playability. However, the pickups feel very sterile and 'one trick pony'. I appreciate they can be swapped out but I never really want to buy a guitar when I feel I need to do that straight away! Plus I already own an Ibanez JEM7V and other miscellaneous 'super strat', both with Floyd Rose.

    SE 145: This was a really nice guitar! The scale length and weight just makes it feel wonderful to play, probably in combination with the stop-tail bridge. They had this in a really nice dark cherry too (a 'better' dark cherry than the Tremonti). Very tempting but, of course, no trem.. and I love me a good trem!

    Tremonti Custom: Good old chunk of mahogany, this! Feels very balanced, particularly when being worn. Dark and heavy sounding yet the neck pick-up is warm and clear. Big distinction between the two pick-ups, and the trem is just like the one on my Custom 24 (just with extra space in the cavity for pull-ups). It should be said I really like the feel of the PRS trems.

    So I went with the Tremonti! In Grey Black. Tough call between that and the Red, but the red was just tooooo red for me in the end.

    Took her home, stuck 10s on straight away and set her up (truss rod tweak, tremolo screws etc). Plays great although not _quite_ as slinky-feeling as my Custom 24 (slightly different neck width? Not sure). Never owned a single cutaway so it's all a bit new to me! Any fancy stuff I should be doing with the controls?!

    Came unstuck with the tremolo bar for a bit until I realised how to adjust the little screw to get the trembar to stay in place -- that's a really good bit of engineering, which I'm a fan of

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