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Thread: PRS 250 pickups in a Custom 24 w/ 5 way rotary wiring question??

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    PRS 250 pickups in a Custom 24 w/ 5 way rotary wiring question??

    Also posted in Tech Corner: I was wondering how I would wire up the PRS 250 pickups in a CU24 with 5 way rotary since the bass pickup is braided 2 conductor and the treble pickup is 4 conductor?? I'm only doing this for my friend since I'm trading him my CU24 with 57/08's for his SC250 with 250 pickups. But I'm putting the 57/08's in the SC250 (yall think it'll sound like my old 245?) and then putting his 250 pickups in my CU24 with 5 way rotary.

    So I'm just wondering if I would loose position 4 on the rotary of the CU24? Is there any way I can wire the SC250 pups with the CU24 5-way rotary?

    ANY help would be really appreciative!! I'm going to attempt this tomorrow.

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    I don't think the SC250 Neck PU can be used with the 5 way rotary.. I think the Bridge can though... I don't think you can split the Neck PU
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