Came in last week and it's only now I got the chance to post.

This is my 5th PRS and man, PRSI never cease to amaze me. This one needs no further introduction, though it has:

1. One Piece non 10 top
2. Shadow Birds -2009

1st photo is from the seller, and no, I don't own the Bluetron Bluedrive. I still have to get a good camera so I can capture this beaut giving justice to its non 10 but amazing top.

This is my 5th PRSi. I have a 2002 Custom 22 in Natural Gloss finish

PRSi I bought and sold:
1. 2006/07 (not sure but its one of the first ed) SE Custom 22 wraparound bridge in Grey Black
2. SE245 in Tortoise (a 2 week guitar, need to sell to fund a Mesa Mini Rectifier)
3. 1994 CE24 in Tortoise Shell (w/ mahogany back, I read that it was the transition year from alder to mahogany)