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Thread: I'm GAS-less for the moment - anybody else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rango View Post
    Okay... so I'm only in "remission"!?

    Wheeeoo that's a load off my mind!

    So who's got a Faded Blue Denim DGT 10 top with a PRE-NAMM Sale going?

    Might need a TC Ditto looper....

    Alright, I"m BACK!
    Haha! I love being one of the inmates in this asylum!

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    Surrey Hills UK
    There's GAS and LUST... I have no GAS really as I have some superb sounding/playing gear - but I LUST for:

    A Goldtop Gibson LP with P90s
    A Fender 57 Bandmaster amp
    A Carr Rambler amp
    A ToneKing Metropolitan amp
    A LazyJ Tweed 80 amp
    A Fender Custom shop 60's vintage Telecaster in Metallic Burgundy Mist
    A Gibson ES330 in Sunburst with Bigsby

    These Items I would not fund unless a lottery win or other winfall came my as they amount to over 16,000

    In the meantime - I am more than happy with my:

    '73 Fender Strat
    PRS Soapbar II
    Gibbo ES335 cherry
    Gibbo LP ivory
    80's vintage Hofner archtop and a 80s Yamaha SG2000s
    custom Telecaster and custom 60's spec Strat
    Fender 65 Super Reverb
    Fender Supersonic 60 combo Blonde
    Cornford Roadhouse combo
    Fender 57 Tweed Deluxe
    Pignose G40V (2x6L6 3x12AX7 40w)
    Session Rockette 30 (80's British hand-built amp)
    Fender Super Champ XD

    and some pretty coloured pedals - Oh and two guitar thrones I got for Xmas!
    <Upgrade your BOSS pedals/FX >

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    Currently GAS-less.

    I'm guessing that will change at NAMM this week
    Fanboy of the Jester (AKA) James (Previously known as 11top)

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    Gas free this week. Actually it's been a stages thing. The axe2 took care of my amp/pedal gas a while back. And the recent Signature limited that came into my hands-havent played anything else since I got it. How long with that last?

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    The FAR SIDE of the Middle of Nowhere

    I think I could be on my way to a relapse.

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    I don't need anything else, but I want for plenty - just don't have the budget...
    Mike Cantrell

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilerty View Post
    The P22 will do that to you ...
    Agreed, but it does wear off eventually...

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    Patience is a virtue I'm short on.

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