Are you? Do you feel like you NEED to keep certain gear for things?

For me, I feel like I need to have certain amp tones and effects with my band. I have some specific effects settings for certain songs. Some songs were created and built from those specific effects and tones and the song just feels "wrong" without those things there. I run a large rig with 2 4x12 cabs, a head, an Axe-FX with all my stuff programmed to a Ground Control Pro/GCX. Some time based effects, etc. Maybe it's just because it's a lot of work on my part(rewiring, programming) to change stuff out of my rig to obtain these things. Then, add to that of keeping some doubles of things in case a piece of gear goes down. I don't have exact duplicates of everything. But have a spare head, back up effects and such and a few guitars that can all easily do the same thing. I sometimes have GAS for some things and can't go after them because of A) my gear spending ceiling B) I have to keep some of this stuff to "do what I do". Interestingly, I don't overuse and have a billion fx and whatnot going at all times. I have a basic, dry distorted rhythm tone, a lead tone that are used for the bulk of things.

Now, I've been fortunate enough to only have something malfunction and down my rig 2 times in 10 years playing hundreds of shows. I've played a couple shows on a single channel with no effects. The shows went fine and everything, despite me feeling a little off. I know I can live without it all and get through the shows just fine. But I'm detailed. I'm picky. Maybe neurotic

I have gas for a Friedman Dirty Shirley head, a slew of PRS, some Strymon effects. Most of it I probably won't get because of my disorder does have me considering simplifying some things. And it sometimes makes me long for the days of just having a simple 1 amp, couple pedals on the ground set up.

I don't really have this issue so much with guitars. As long as I have a PRS stoptail guitar. I can make it work. I do prefer to have 2 volume knobs though