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Thread: 25th anniversary SE custom 24?

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    25th anniversary SE custom 24?

    Hey everyone! So i just bought my first PRS guitar yesterday as an upgrade from my Squier strat. When i bought the guitar, the title said '25th anniversary' and it said the guitar was rare (the top of the body is a quilted santana yellow, everything else is red). I'm just curious, what makes the 25th anniversary SE custom 24 different from any other SE custom 24? It has no special markings on it or anything. Is it just the paint job that is exclusively for the 25th anniversary?

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    The SE CU24 25th was identical in specs to the regular SE CU24 (at the time), except for having a quilt top instead of flame, and a quilt veneer on the headstock. The headstock veneer doesn't always pop out on the yellow models, I have the same one and you have to look a little closer, but it's there.

    The newer models have a beveled top, blade selector, and coil taps, which are nice features, but the anniversary models are great too.

    The 25th run was, I believe, the first time an SE model had a quilt top. They're great ones too, most of them have tons of figuring and are nicely matched. They would easily be "artist grade" on a USA PRS! They aren't really rare, many were made, but still very cool! Probably some of the best looking SE's to date.

    Congrats on NGD! Now... pictures???
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    I think those were the first SE with birds, as well...
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillybri View Post
    I think those were the first SE with birds, as well...
    Yes for all of the 2010 models got birds. They also had a pup improvement from the standard SE pups, to SE's that were modeled after the US counterparts.
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