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    Lance Armstrong

    Okay, who watched the Lance/Oprah interview? Did you watch both nights? What did you think? What - if any - are your lasting impressions?

    My own answers: I watched both nights. First night, I was open and accepting; maybe willing to try to forgive. After all, who among us hasn't made mistakes? Maybe not of this magnitude, but still.

    Second night, he mostly blew it with me. Especially when he talked about the punishments meted out to others who had cheated compared to his own. AND about how he wanted to compete again some day on some level.

    My lasting thought is that he has no concept of what troubles are ahead. For one thing, the U.S. Postal Service was a major sponsor of the cycling team for a time. If for no other reason than that, I can't imagine that the IRS won't come calling on Lance at some point. That should be enough to make him wet his sprocket!

    Also, and this may sound silly to some, I am ashamed that Lance is from Texas. At one time, I was proud that he was from my state. Not now.

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