I purchased an SE245 a couple weeks ago through the internet.
I wasn't sure how I would like the wide/thick neck or the 24.5" scale but once in my hands, it just felt "right". The action was perfect and intonation was spot on. I decided on tortoiseshell and the flame top was amazing. I've since swapped out the red knobs for amber and swapped the SE245 pickups for a set of Gibson '57 Classics. They just sound a little smoother to my ears. As for mods on this guitar, I think I'm done.

I love SE245 so much that I started looking at other SE's and scored a beautiful Tremonti Custom about a week later. I swear these guitars are as close to the U.S.A. models as you're gonna get! Again, the flame top is absolutely gorgeous. A "10 top" SE, if you will.

I just purchased a set of phase II locking tuners and a set of 1985 Treble/Bass reissue pickups. Not that the guitar "needs" any upgrades. These guitars are great as is. But I do think it would benefit from a nice set of locking tuners. And I own a 1986 CU24 and just love the T/B pickups, so I'm really hoping these reissues are what they claim to be.