Out of curiosity, can the PRS Trem be set flush with the body? Will it still work and properly line up with the neck angle? I'd be inclined to say, "no". However, as a devout Stratocaster player since 1987 (age 15) I discovered the best way to correct what, again at age 15, I felt was a design flaw was to deck the trem. I also ordered a lefty trem for my Strat from Brian Meader in '88...but that's another story.

I don't like floating bridges and that's always been what I consider to be the weak point in the PRS design. Don't attack me...it's just my opinion. I love my PRS Guitars! I just am curious from a tuning stability standpoint as well as a string bending aspect. I've been thinking of putting a wood block on the spring side of the tremolo block to prevent pull-up on.

Much love and respect!