Hey guys,

Proud and happy owner of a new SE 245 in tobacco burst here. Got the guitar on Saturday as a birthday present.

I discovered that the Australian importer/supplier clearly does nothing with the guitars when they arrive from OS as this one needed a good old truss rod tweak to get rid of shocking fret buzz on all 3 wound strings.

While adjusting the rod and playing with the guitar I discovered that after years of playing with 10's the standard 9's, especially on this short scale length, really aren't for me and I started thinking about a gauge change.

On all my other guitars that have come standard with 9's a change to 10's has been really straightforward and I have done it myself. The worry with the SE is the fact that the nut slots look quite tight when eyeballed and I am not sure a change to 10's will be straightforward and without the need to attend to the slots.

Obviously with this guitar being a brand new gift I do not want to announce the need to take it to a tech for attention, that will not go down well understandably.

Do any other SE 245 owners, or SE owners in general, have any experience with changing from 9's to 10's?

Thanks for your help.