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Thread: P22 Curiosity

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    P22 Curiosity

    When the P22 debuted, it was speced with uncovered 53/10's. Even the artist package would not permit a pick up substitution. Now the official PRS site shows the P22 speced with uncovered 57/08's. Just curious as to why the change?
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    It's been postulated that there's a raw material shortage on something that goes into the 53/10s. This is evident by Paul stopping the sale of 53/10s through the PTC late last year, and them not being available on guitars or through the Artist Package this year.

    Think yourself lucky you've got 53/10s!

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    I've been pondering this a bit too. The new model is actually a little more appealing to me because I like the 5708's more and I like the new birds as well. Maybe it's just because I haven't spent enough time with the 5310's.

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    I absolutely love the 53/10's uncovered in my P24.

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