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Thread: The Ultimate PRS

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    I was just thinking if this configuration could be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ]-[ @ n $ 0 |v| a T ! View Post
    If you had to choose one PRS to represent the best model to ever leave Maryland, what would it be and why?
    I believe that it would have to be the Custom 24. for several reasons.
    1) This is the guitar that built the whole PRS brand.
    2) This has been in non-stop production since 1985.
    3) Most people that grab one usually feel right at home with it. (at least everyone that has tried mine, regardless of the genre of music, or type of the guitar they normally use)

    Now, If I was to dream about an ultimate PRS I would want a Collection V International with 24 frets and a trem...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwhenke View Post
    I think a Custom 24 in vintage yellow with birds is the definition of PRS. I don't think it's the best PRS ever, but it will always represent the company in my eyes because it was the platform for everything else.
    ^^This^^. Beat me to it. With a Sweet Switch. First guitar that actually made me go to the store, buy an instrument and take guitar playing seriously.
    I love 24 frets: [update 3] 3 X CU24s, 1 X West Street, 1 X Carvin DC127, 1 X Schecter Omen 6
    But, I have other stuff too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rango View Post
    Where's HippieTim? His PS 408 with the Piezo

    I'd love one almost just like it... FBJ and Old Birds.
    This one would probably be it for me too
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedGuitars View Post
    This one...
    That sure is a great one!!
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    To me, it's pretty cut and dried. The most iconic is the Vintage Yellow Custom 24 with Birds. For me, the ultimate PRS is the ME1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hippietim View Post
    This one would probably be it for me too
    Yep. Me, too!

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    OK, I have my answer.

    There isn't just one, ultimate PRS. If there was, why would any of us play more?

    It's like this: What's the ultimate paintbrush of you're an artist? You need one for details and thin lines, one for broad strokes, one for feathering, etc..

    Different musical needs, different styles, different players require different choices. There can't be one. There are many. There HAVE to be many.

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