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    The Special Forces Unit was busier than usual. Shawn Nuthall and his elite crew were busy modifying another guitar for Carlos Santana. It was a mod they had performed before on many of Carlos' other cherished axes. The tricky part was getting the sighting mechanism hidden into the top perfling that was the Santana model trademark. Without a good sighting mechanism, the integrated semi-auto .50 BMG barrel and action from a cannibalized Barrett would be just that much harder to aim. Not that Carlos needed to aim anymore as he usually fired from the hip while doing a signature max feedback bend. But Carlos was a stickler that anyone should be able to pick up one of his off-stage guitars in an emergency and use it with precision, so the sighting mechanism had to be there.

    Notably, the Santana SE models had had .338 Winchester Magnums installed in them from the beginning. Carlos insisted that the student edition of his guitars made by PRS be all that they could be and never hold back the budding guitar player.
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