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    Mot D-hoople drug Ani Wan Buttme's limp body into the tent holding Autumn Sky. Before leaving, he remembered Mor Izmor's directive to keep an eye on her. Dutifully, he reached into his right eye socket and pulled out his eye with a plop. To the disgust and revulsion of Autumn, he affixed it to her right thigh with a bit of slime looking up at her. "I might as well enjoy the view," he thought to himself and left.

    Then Autumn was alone with Buttme - save for the staring eyeball on her thigh. She recognized the old Farce Master as Lazlo's grandfather. Even if she had not known him personally, she would have known of his reputation.

    She picked up a dirty rag and wet it in the small terrine of filthy water in front of her and cleaned the large gash on the back of Buttme's skull.

    "Some rescue," she said softly, channeling another princess in a galaxy far, far away.
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