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    My idea.....based on your excellent idea above, Les....

    I am not familiar with DAW and with any type of editing of sound tracks, I will ask you if this would be do-able....what about if a bunch of us agreed on a classic rock song ( Kinda like when Ruger did his "Aqualung bit" to provide some musical background to our story) and we all play it....then someone (NOT ME!!!) edits it so that the final product has a whole bunch of people playing the song...kinda like, 15 seconds of each of us, at a time, so that the final version is a standard "classic Rock song" that has a dozen people contributing in 15 second blocks. I imagine the editing would be the tricky part, and I have no idea how that would be done. However, if we can get a group of people to agree on a classic tune (requirements...has to be popular enough that everyone on the forum would be somewhat familiar with it) it would be fun to watch a video that changed guitarists every 15 seconds or so, with the final cut being a relatively smooth version of the song performed in sequence by a whole lot of us.

    Am I being clear? Is this something you guys would be interested in....and, above it "do-able"???
    Bennett, your idea is a good one, but it's not for me; I'm strictly audio-oriented so that the sound quality will be better, and not interested in video at all, except scoring, which is something different completely.

    Also, original music is my thing; not interested in re-inventing someone else's work. I would also think an original piece would give the musicians peace of mind, to stretch out a little without worrying about being compared to some guitar god or other.

    Finally, it would be a crazy amount of work to find everyone's best phrases, fit them into an edit, and so on. I'd be happy to provide a track that people could work on for themselves. That's as far as I'd go.

    If people liked the track, fine, if not no one's arm would be twisted to play on it. I'm not interested in a committee approach to the writing, it's just not my thing.
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