Brent Moss from The Guitar Shop (Canada) hooked me up a killer (and I mean killer) deal on this sweet NF3.

2010 model, Vintage Burst, RW board, little bit o' flame in the neck and near perfect condition. I don't think this one has had much play at all, there's not even any pick swirls on the pickguard!

Plugged it in and it's everything I thought it would be. Ballsy, versatile and chock full of tone. The neck "finish" is fantastic, now quite RW smooth but just about!

Brent even put in a couple of little surprises in the case and I must say, he's gone above and beyond on this deal. Thanks Brett, you really are the man! (I don't think I said that right...)

Well enough of the words, lets see some pics!

Box opened

VERY well packed

Aww yeah

Bit of figuring in the Korina