Hi all,

Many of you know me from my 19+ years at WMC in MD, and others from my time here at The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney Texas where I've been since the fall of 2011. I'm a veteran of 3 other PRS related forums at this point, dating back to the original PRS Forum, then BAM, and including VR. Through those years I've had the pleasure of meeting and dealing with a lot of you, and maybe even sold you a guitar or two (or maybe 6...... Jamie where are you?)

Here at The Guitar Sanctuary we strive to carry guitars, amps, and effects from builders that are as passionate about the finest instruments available as we are. We specialize only in guitar and bass gear, so that we don't get distracted by things like drums, PA gear, and the enemy of all guitar players, keyboards....

We're privileged to be partnered with our friends at PRS, with whom we share a LONG history. I have personally known Paul and his team since 1992, our owner George Fuller has known Paul since his earliest days showing at the Dallas guitar show where George and Jimmy Wallace served to introduce PRS to Texas and all of the customers who attend the Guitar Show from around the country.

I'm a PRS player myself, as is George, so we certainly understand everyone here's "addiction" to all things PRS.

You can view our up-to-date PRS inventory online at http://www.TheGuitarSanctuary.com/prs

We always have a great selection of limited editions, Artist Package, and Private Stock models, as well as CAD program amplifiers.

We recently worked with Doug Sewell and his team to do our own special Guitar Sanctuary Anniversary amp, the GSA 50:

Feel free to contact me at any time for all things PRS, and stay tuned for photos of cool new arrivals, special editions, etc. We're open Tuesday-Saturday from 10-6 Central Time, and pretty much 24/7 via email.

Great to be a part of the expanding PRS Forum.