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Thread: NGD - My first PRS!

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    Cool NGD - My first PRS!

    Hey guys! Look what came in the mail today! I could have posted pictures earlier today, but with as much as I like you guys, I'd rather play it first. So I did! It plays amazing. Of course, all I have in the house right now to compare it to is a Gibson Les Paul Studio with an all mahogany body. And let me tell you, the LP isn't going to get played for a while. This thing is sweet. On a side note, I have a Tiny Terror for an amp and have had people tell me how great they were for almost a year now, but I never could get a good tone out of it no matter how much knob twisting I did. The SC58 is a different story though. Plug it in and set the knobs anywhere and it sounds great. I can finally get an awesome classic rock tone out of this amp without it sounding muddy.[IMG][/IMG]Sorry for the crappy pics, I'm not much of a photographer and I was using a camera phone.
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