I know we all think we know what we like best, but what do other people tell you? I don't mean from the drunk dood at the bar that goes "that guitar is killer and you RAWK". I mean from someone that either knows you, knows your playing, just really appreciates music, etc. - IOW, an assessment that you respect.

I've been fortunate to have a number of guitars come my way over the years and I've gigged most of them. In the past couple years, I've gotten the most compliments on my playing when I've played my 25th SAS NF. I absolutely love that guitar and I played it at almost every gig I had since the day I got it until I started my Stones tribute band - I've only been using hard tails. Recently I played it at a charity show we did and two different singers that know me fairly well made comments that stuck with me - one said "it's good to see you playing that guitar again" and the other said "that guitar is YOU". I guess it's a keeper - I just wish it wasn't my heaviest PRS

So what do people tell you?