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Thread: What Cables are you using?

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    Oh man, I'm supposed to know about cables? I figure if they don't cut out they are good ones.

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    I make my own. Mostly Canare with either switchcraft or neutrik ends. I have a few George l's and a Mogami as well. When looked at the price diff in buying vs making + having them the exact length I needed, it was a no brainer. Cumbersome, but a big money saver.

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    I use Monsters between axes and amps, but love the PRS patch cables with double 90's...great length (a little longer from others out there) and flexability. I use Pedal Trains and these cables are really easy to manipulate setting up the boards. I have heard that Monsters' plugs are actually a smidgen (pardon the medical term) bigger, and at some point, may effect inputs...anybody have this happen???

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    i was using planet waves but didn't get on with them now switched to dimarzios and not looking back!
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    I havent had great experiences with George Ls they didnt like me, but Im thinking of trying Lava soilderless when I redo my board

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