Ok this is one of those questions that there is no Right or Wrong answer, its all a matter of taste. I am curious to see where my fellow forum members stand with this question.

Personally I like my dirt to be created by the amp which is why I tend to gravitate towards Tube amps that have a decent amount of gain in the pre amp section. Up until recently I never liked how a clean amp dialed to almost break point sounded when pushed by a pedal to get to break up. Like I said personal preference. Recently Ive discovered certain pedals that sound pretty good pushing amps to breakup though I will wont go that route full time with my rig Ive found a combination of pedals that will allow me to recreate " My Tone " in the event that my main amp is out of service. Watching PRSh demo his new "Paul's Amp"
MDT I learned that he likes the amp to be the source of the dirt as well.

For the Record my Main Gig Rig is:
PRS Signature LTD with Trem
20th Anni Bogner Shiva with Reverb into a Bogner OS 2x12

My backup amp: Crate Powerblock and a Bogner Red Ecstasy Pedal which pretty closely mimics my Shiva

So where do you stand in the Dirt Debate? What set up are you running to get your tone