So I am sitting down planning my next PRS Store purchase to get a few of the new items and renew my Signature Club and wondered...

What have you ordered?

What is your favorite?

I have ordered a bunch of shirts, straps, and guitar care products and am always pleased with my purchases.

I would have to say my favorite Apparel item is the PRS-J6 Private Stock Hoody. At $50 this thing is a steal. It is very high quality. Incredibly warm. Not to mention super styling.

My favorite non-apparel item is the Signature Leather Strap in Red/Tan. The Brown/Tan version matches more stuff but the Red one just pops for me.

And let's not forget the most amazing item of all, the PRS Signature Club.. Awesome program, great price. I still remember the first time I opened up my first holiday greeting card from PRS. I about fainted.

Here are some pictures of my most recent orders. Consider it a PRS Fashion Haul!