Hey guys ( and gals) I'm new to the site and new to PRS. I'm usually an Ibanez guy ( forgive me for I have sinned ) I have a 1990 RG 550 that I love. Anywho, I'm in the process of getting my first PRS. I've always loved them from afar. But, I'm a poor working soul so my first PRS will be an SE Custom. I bought one from Guitar Center ( 2008 SE) and really like it. BUT I'm looking at the 25th anniversary SE and can get one used for a little more. Now, I read that the 25th anniversary ones come with HFS pick ups. How do those compare to the ones that are put in the "high dollar" ones? What other differences are there between a 25th SE and a reg SE? Is it worth paying 100-150 more ? Thanks