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Thread: Your Pedal of Choice : Wah Pedals

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    washington iowa
    Thanks hippietim, I didnt know dunlop made a switchless wah. A plain old cry baby in switchless style wouldbe perfect.

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    I still use and love the Vox V846 I bought new around 1995. I had it modded with an AC jack (which now needs replacing). In the early 2000's I changed to a Fulltone pot and true bypass switch. It has a mild, sweet tone that I dig.

    So I guess it's really a Vox/Fulltone hybrid. I also have a Bad Horsie, but it always ends up taking a back seat to the Vox.

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    Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Cry Baby. Very vintage sound but with a wide, throaty sweep to it.

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