I copped to all of that in the opening thread (copied below). So... are we giving up?

"It's been discussed before. It never really went anywhere. Too many differing opinions. But I have never been one to put my tail between my legs and run away from a good fight.

If a forum guitar was on the table, do you think this crowd could ever agree in a single design if the only options were neck carve and pickup selection? Do you think enough of us could agree on a base model? Scale length? Fret count? Fret size? Headstock shape? Color? Wood composition? Control layout? Bridge? Maple binding? No binding at all? Birds? Moons? Celtic Knots? A totally unique inlay? Bolt on neck? Glued in neck?

Would it be based on a McCarty? A semi-hollow McCarty? A CU24? A DC22 (24.5" scale)? A hollow body? Santana 2? An SC or SC Trem? Or maybe a US model loosely based on the SE One with BRW fretboards, a lipstick pup in the bridge position, and P22 Piezo? You know that would get my vote!

I wonder... could we get it done? Could we get 40 or 50 guys to commit the funds (up front) to give PRS a compelling reason to consider building the Official PRS Forum guitar? Would 40-50 be enough?"