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    If you have an opinion on this (even if the answer is "it depends on the price") NOW is the time to speak up.
    OK, I will speak up.

    I think this could be a very gimmicky, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink, of a guitar. Jack of all trades and master of none. Well, except that you forgot to include MIDI...

    What's it going to do well? Will the pickups even sound good with the neck wood? No one's heard it. Will a piezo with a trem mate well with the pickups and scale length? No one knows.

    I gotta believe that Paul Smith does a little more product development than "Ooo, this sounds like it'd be cool" when designing guitars.

    If it was a straightforward production model, perhaps with a special inlay, or one special feature, at least we'd know what we're in for. But this is a mishmash of stuff. Great for a player who has the bases covered and doesn't mind taking a flyer.

    I'm not knocking adventure, but I'm still working on finding truly great sounding, basic guitars. Too big a risk for me. By the way, the Mira with the big fat 57/08 up front sounds like it'd be cool.
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