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    The one time we need a long post and you go short?

    Can you tell us what you liked about Rev 2 in comparison to Rev 1?
    This is the first time anyone has ever asked me to say more. LOL! Never happens. But I digress...

    Loved the semi hollow. Loved the pickups. Loved the fingerboard and headstock materials (though hand signed would be weird on ebony IMHO, it should be inlaid but wouldn't be a deal breaker). Loved the option to not have piezo. Dig the body style. Don't care about the neck material either way. Don't care about the direction the birds fly.

    But big love for the semi hollow idea, and I think the Starla pickups would be awesome, too. Loved the scale length.

    In fact, this is the kind of guitar I would love to own. This is different enough to warrant putting another guitar in the studio. PRS does a GREAT job with the semi-hollow models.

    I was reluctantly on board before. But this was a great idea.
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