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I agree. The guitarsbyleo site just came up with their 2nd forum guitar with a limited run of 25. It's base price is under $1500. However, can cost more depending on options. Even at that price it is hard for many of us to opt in for one of them. Many of us love the idea of being a part of the forum guitar history. However, making it a rich elitist club item is such a turnoff. Those with the money can easily get any guitar they want. The rest of us hope a great guitar comes within our price range. I was ecstatic when I purchased my most expensive guitar, SE Tremonti Custom. And then it ended up around $1000 after putting locking tuners and Tremonti pickups on it.

For everyone that participated in this discussion, thank you for your time. I was trying to do something fun - something tangible - for this community. I don't need this billsh!t.

If you guys get 20-30 guys to agree on a model, lemme know. I'm done.