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    Hans, Thank you for coming back on board, and JFB for getting his back and grabbing the torch!

    That said. I think we are still close. Some considerations to keep the cost down and have the nice maple tops from REV 2 added to the REV 3 flavor could be using Swamp Ash instead of Hog, which should be cheaper than hog and that way maybe the maple cap can be back on the table. Or, to merrge Rev 2 and Rev 3, we could still go semi hollow on the swamp ash and make the f hole optional. These are not neccessarily my preferences but good ones to consider maybe to get the cost down and merge the theories of Rev 2 and Rev 3 into Rev 4 with the other suggested desires. Sorry i keep editing, I want to add that an all ash body is as good as all hog for those who dont want the cost of the maple option.
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