In graffiti culture being "All City" refers to an artist's "tag" (or signature) being on enough subway trains to cover the entire city's subway lines.

Being "All City" was one of the highest honors you could achieve, everybody knew your tag and hence; your NAME! Bragging and boasting ain't nothin' to be afraid of. Think of how much more cool your friends, family , and co-workers will think you are when you announce that you are now officially ALL CITY! on the PRS FORUM.


Here is the way it goes....

1-Make sure you are the current/last post while being on the NEW POSTS screen!

2-Take a screen shot and post it. If you do not know how to do that I highly recommend you type it into YouTube where a fourteen year old has made a video to explain it to you while making you feel stupid and old. (I plan to do this right now, so don't feel bad.)

3-In that post you must make some pompous statement in that post like: "SDB! ALL CITAY!" or "ALL CITY, WHOOP WHOOP!"

4- Who ever has the most current/last posts earns the claim to being "All City". When somebody knocks you you must concede, but you may claim the number of times you have been "All City" just to throw it in their face when you lose.

There are times when I look at my current/last posts and I can almost fill my screen. At first going "All City" could be easy, like you checked in a few times during the day and there are only like five new posts... Screen shot that and take your place at the top! Maybe you live in Australia and everybody in the US is asleep... Who's gonna feel like a chump when they wake up and find out you're now ALL CITY!?!? Not you! You're ALL CITY!

Hans, Doc, and Les may have more posts than you, but who's gonna be the champion?