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Thread: The Ghost of Chr... Uh... NAMM Past!

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    The Ghost of Chr... Uh... NAMM Past!

    While we wait (impatiently) for fresh images from the 2013 winter NAMM show, let's see some of you favorites from years past. Or any other guitar show for that matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyT View Post
    Tone Kings channel has some vids up, and there will be more coming from him.
    Some of those BC Rich guitars are pretty nice.

    He meets Eddie Van Halen in this one while checking out the EVH booth.

    I would probably be just as stunned if I randomly met EVH as well. That is awesome!

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    One more from The Tone King.
    Not PRS guitars, but Jacksons.

    The top on this blue one at 1:31 is stunning, and it has Seymour Duncans in it.

    Been a subscriber to TTK's channel since last May when I got back into guitars again.
    He has some pretty good reviews on gear, and I hope he gets coverage of PRS too.

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