Ok Alot of us are football fans ( American Football ) being a international forum I felt the need to clarify what type of football sorry. Anyway recently alot of discussions are being had over the condition known as search Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease, usually diagnosed postmortem in individuals with a history of multiple concussions and other forms of head injury. As a matter of fact there is a class action lawsuit that has been filed against the NFL by over 3800 former players claiming the league didnt do enough to protect the players from injuries like concussions that can lead to this condition.

In the latest Twist Junior Seau's EX Wife and 4 children are suing the NFL for negligence the hemet maker Riddell for making sub standard helmets that didnt protect the players properly and what I find is Ludicris NFL FILMS for Promoting and Glorifying the Hits and Violence of the NFL.

Now I dont know what most of you guys think about all of this but my take on it is The NFL is one of those High Risk High Pay type jobs. Most players are paid alot of money for what they do, they step on the playing field every sunday knowing that they could be injured and or potentially have their career ended by a serious injury yet they do it for the paycheck, like race car drivers, miners, oil riggers. Hell I grew up on a farm and thats a dangerous job as well, Ive suffered broken bones contussions stitches concussions burns, but I wasnt handed a $100,000 paycheck on Sunday after I finished feeding the herd for the week.

What do you guys think? Am I wrong in thinking that If you know its a dangerous job and you can get hurt but you still do it anyway for the $$$$$ then you have to accept some responsibilty for the consequences of your choices?