Shawn and I have been talking about doing some neck work on my 2000 SAS for the last year. Back before Christmas, I made a pilgrimage to Stevensville. Actually, one of my best friends was getting his 'H' combo tweaked that day - by Doug himself. But that's another great story!

Anyway, Shawn had kind of wet my whistle by telling me about an '89 CE (I think) that the PTC had totally restored - body/neck refins, refret, new custom tuners (shared screw housing with phase II guts). When I went to the '12 Experience, Shawn had it beside him in the accessories tent, and he opened up the case long enough for me to see the amazing work they had done. I knew then that if I could stop buying PRS guitars for a month, it would be time to get my SAS neck worked on.

This SAS was someone's beater, and I paid a beater price, nicks and dings abound on the sides and back. I couldn't care less about those. What was tough to get past was the increasingly small fret profile (from use), coupled with the clear-coat on the neck. I found that, during gigs, with the more I sweat there was considerable drag and friction, most importantly during bends.

Well she's back from the PTC, and the results are STUNNING! DGT frets, rolled fretboard edges, amazing finish of the neck itself - almost feels unfinished. Actually, it feels much like my DC3. This neck is brand new, and this guitar now plays as good as any I have. This was so well worth it. Kudos to Shawn and the PTC!! I shouldn't have waited this long!