What's your favorite Scotch?

I'm not a high end connoisseur of it, but I do enjoy a glass on Saturday nights. Neat. No water, no ice. Only on Saturday because otherwise I'd buy a bottle and it would be gone in no time - it's like crack mixed with candy in a bottle. I have bought Glenlivet 12 a number of times, mainly because it's cheap-ish and readily available. It's good; as one reviewer put it, "There's a reason why it's the best selling single malt in the US" but you know, McDonalds is the top selling restaurant in the US too, so sales figures are less than a benchmark for quality.

I'd like to branch out. I'm not a blend type of guy, virtually every blend I've had hasn't lived up to even the cheapest single malts.

Recently I have had a bottle of The Grangestone 18. I bailed out a faculty member at work and he insisted on getting me a bottle of something as a thank you. I said a small bottle of glenlivet would be fine. He brought me this Grangestone which is a little nicer than I would normally buy. But it is delicious.