I got nothin' when it comes to the best, the ultimate, etc., PRS. I think there are several that meet the criteria.

But this guitar I'm working with that has the 408s is really interesting. It's a different kind of vibe, yet it still has a very "PRS" thing happening. I am all the way live with this thing. It's cool.

First of all, whether in split coil or full bucker mode, there is a clarity and sensitivity to the pick's attack that makes subtle, light playing a joy, and you can really hear detail, yet playing harder doesn't result in overcompression or plinky qualities. It's just good all the time. And turn the volume up and it's got a great vibe.

The bridge bucker is open and clear, and again, sensitive to the pick, and in bucker mode turned up, and set the way I'm used to, reminds me of the 57/08 that was on my Stripped 58. Just a lovely, get-down, 'sax' tone with plenty of bite, yet back off and split the pickup, and you're in shimmering clean territory; a lot of Tele, but again, minus some of the clack type compression. More open, more the way I always wished a Strat could be, yet a little thicker than a Strat.

And there are so many more tones possible! It's just crazy good. This guitar is just so interesting to work with! Joy-joy!

Whatcha got that you feel is the most interesting PRS?