I was reading a different thread where a new member asked us to describe why we thought PRS was better than any other guitar we own. Then it hit me (and this really did come as a bit of a surprise) I don't own any "other guitars" anymore. That is to say, all of my electrics are now PRS. Sure, I'd love to have that pair of R9's I sold back but the truth is - if I had the money and they were available, I'd buy an SC245, SC-58, or an NOS SCT Modern Eagle. I'm a bona fide PRS dork.

There's still a Westerly Guild D55 next to the piano. I love that guitar. It's been with me a while. I don't plan to sell it. I also have a Ken Smith Fretless bass. I love that bass. I don't plan to sell it either. But my electric guitars? Yup. All PRS.

I guess you could say I'm "all in".