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Thread: Opeth using their SE sig models

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    Opeth using their SE sig models

    I have heard of this band, but never heard their music before until today.
    I was on my Sony Blu-Ray box watching NAMM YouTube videos when I decided to check out another video section on the box called "The Moshcam."

    Full length concert videos of different genres, and I scrolled down to the metal area, and I saw Opeth in there from a Sydney tour they did earlier to play some of their older stuff, and new songs from their latest 10th studio album.

    I remember seeing Paul mention in one of the SE Custom 24 videos that Opeth uses SE guitars live for gigging, and sure enough Fredrik Åkesson and Mike Åkerfeldt were both using what looked like their signature SE models.
    Nice to see them actually using the SE models live during a two hour performance.

    Their music is pretty good, reminds me of other prog bands I have heard.

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