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Thread: Differences between the SE Custom 24 pickups and the SE Santana pickups?

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    Differences between the SE Custom 24 pickups and the SE Santana pickups?

    I am going back and forth and have narrowed my search down to the SE Custom 24, or the SE Santana model. I like the added features of a coil tap and two added frets on the 24, but was wondering about the differences in pickups. Anyone know? Thanks.

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    The Santana has the 245's, which are lower in output and a bit warmer I would say. They're more vintage, while the SECU24 are more modern, aggressive sounding. The CU24 can still get some very nice, laid back tones though.
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    I have both a 2012 SE Custom 24 and a 2012 SE Santana, and I believe they both have the same pups.

    However my 2012 SE Tremonti Custom has the 245s.

    SE Custom 24:
    Treble Pickup PRS Designed SE HFS Treble
    Bass Pickup PRS Designed SE Vintage Bass

    SE Santana:
    Treble Pickup SE Santana Treble
    Bass Pickup SE Santana Bass

    These are the 2013 specs, so maybe the 2012 Santana specs were the same as my Custom 24 back when I bought the Santana?
    Wow, they offer a green Santana now, that is cool.

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